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“I reached out to Anatoly as I was facing a crises at work. Upper management was threatening me with disciplinary action as a result of a lie and cover up story told by my manager. Anatoly provided me with clear legal advise as to what my course of action should be. Thankfully I followed every one of his recommendations. Because of Anatoly’s strategy upper management not only withdrew the disciplinary action against me, but apologized to me for the situation I was put in. The Director of my department even thanked me for my honesty, integrity and courage. Whenever I share the details of the story with close friends and family they all say the same thing, ” thank goodness you contacted that lawyer! ” and quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more!”


“As clients of Anatoly we can truly say that we are lucky to have had Anatoly represent us. Anatoly has passion, integrity, an excellent knowledge of Business Law and cares about the overall outcome for his clients.

Anatoly is always looking out for the best interest of his clients. He took on our case and made it his own. He knew our situation better than we did and always acted in a professional manner to ensure that we had the best possible outcome.

We would recommend Anatoly not just for his expertise and positive results but for his integrity, commitment and passion.”

Mike Marello, President, Allteck Installations

“I have worked with Anatoly for over 5 years. He is very bright, easy to work with and a great strategist. He is a great listener (which is so important) and is very responsible. I would highly recommend Anatoly.”

David Amber, President, Tike Tech

“Skillful execution, firm and steady, patient and insightful. These are the descriptors that came to my mind as I reflect on the characteristics Anatoly demonstrated when he challenged a Fortune 500 company successfully on my behalf. His service was well worth the investment.”

Bartholomew H. Campbell

“Sara has been to us a safe port in the difficult storm of infertility. Her superior knowledge and expertise are paralleled by her incredible empathy and compassion. She worked tirelessly with my husband and I to formulate a plan that was right for our family. During such an emotional process, it is comforting to work with someone who is a pillar of strength and good counsel. We are so thankful for her guidance, her support and her kindness during this trying time in our lives.”

Wendy Litner, Toronto, Ontario

“Sara helped us immensely during our legal process as intended parents. She was always kind, knowledgeable and professional, and was always patient and quick with responding to all of our inquiries and questions. The entire experience was new to us as intended parents, and we found that she always kept us well-informed, even during some challenging times – she kindly guided us and helped us make some important decisions. We always felt comfortable that we were in the right hands with Sara and made what could have been a stressful experience, a very pleasant one. Sara, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time and dedication, and we are happy that you were a part of this journey with us.”

Christine Celestial and Sal Celestial, Ontario

“From the beginning of our surrogacy journey as intended parents, Sara Cohen has provided excellent legal advice and guidance. Sara is always available, helpful, professional and knowledgeable. She has made this process easier to navigate and has clearly explained the relevant laws. Sara has gone above and beyond for us and truly cares about her clients. We would recommend her services to anybody in this process.”

G & Y, intended parents, Ottawa

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