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About Us

D2Law LLP is a client-centred, forward-thinking and results-oriented boutique law firm, located in Toronto, Ontario. Our firm was co-founded by Anatoly Dvorkin and Sara Cohen.

At D2Law LLP, our commitment to client focus allows us to provide each client with great value. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients and working hand-in-hand with them to achieve their objectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a law firm that reflects the highest ideals of the legal profession: integrity, excellence and service.

Practicing Law With Integrity

  • Transparent, flexible and fair fees – we do our best to ensure that our fees reflect the value we provide to our clients
  • Written retainer agreements – we like surprises as much as the next guy or gal but not when it comes to our relationship with our clients. We believe the basis of a good relationship with a client is a clearly written retainer agreement setting out what we are being engaged to do and how much it will cost the client
  • Admitting and apologizing for our mistakes – although we hold ourselves to a very high standard, we are human and very rarely, we do make mistakes. When that happens, we admit our mistake, apologize for it and set out about the business of fixing it
  • Taking client confidentiality seriously
  • Not accepting retainers where we do not have the competence or capacity to represent a client to the standard of excellence – however, we have a large network of lawyers and we are more than happy to refer you to another lawyer we trust if your issue falls outside of our practice areas
  • Treating our clients, fellow lawyers, tribunals and courts with civility
  • Scrupulous honesty and candour
  • We believe that acting with civility, honesty and candour are a competitive advantage!

Practicing Law with Excellence

  • Engaging in continuous legal education and skill development
  • Ensuring we communicate well with clients (taking into account both frequency and quality of communication) – we know that the primary complaint of clients is that lawyers do not communicate with them. We make sure that our clients are informed about their matter at all times and participate where appropriate
  • Carefully cultivating our professional reputations amongst our colleagues and members of the judiciary
  • Using technology to provide our services more efficiently, effectively and economically – we strive to be at the forefront of adopting new technologies and ways of conducting our business to make our services more effective, valuable and convenient for our clients
  • Limiting our practice areas to allow for breadth of knowledge and effective client representation
  • Being over-prepared for all appearances before a court or tribunal
  • Getting to know each case early and developing a strategy to maximize the chances for success

Service to Our Clients, Our Profession and Our Community

  • We understand that our success depends on the success of our clients
  • We get to know each client deeply allowing us to understand what success means to each particular client
  • We are available and accessible to our clients
  • We mentor, advise and coach other lawyers formally and informally
  • We publish papers, articles, blogs on our practice areas
  • We develop and teach continuing professional development courses
  • We work with legislators, law-makers and colleagues to advance and improve the law
  • We take on worthy pro-bono projects
  • We advise not for profit organizations and actively participate as board and committee members

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