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Egg, Sperm, & Embryo Donor Agreements

If you are an egg or sperm donor, or if you’re an intended parent, a lawyer specialized in fertility law can assist you in drafting an agreement that outlines the intentions of all parties.

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Legal Parentage

There are various situations in which parents of children born through assisted reproductive technologies need to take further steps to secure the legal parentage of the child.

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Surrogacy Agreements

The relevant legislation and legal issues arising out of surrogacy agreements are complicated and the penalties for failing to abide by the laws regarding assisted human reproduction in Canada can be very severe so take care!

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Legal Compliance for Cryobanks, Importers, and Distributors of Gametes

We frequently act for fertility clinics, cryobanks, importers and distributors of gametes to provide legal advice and representation.

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