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D2Law Offers Surrogacy Agreement Drafting Services in Toronto & Throughout The World.

The relevant legislation and legal issues arising out of surrogacy agreements are complicated and the penalties for failing to abide by the laws regarding assisted human reproduction in Canada can be very severe so take care! As soon as you are seriously considering involving a third party in building your family, consult with a qualified fertility lawyer.

Once the intended parents and the surrogate mother have decided that they would like to work together in building the intended parents’ family, a surrogacy agreement (often erroneously referred to as a surrogacy contract) must be drafted and negotiated, setting out the legal obligations and rights of each party to the agreement. Once a baby is born via surrogacy, further legal steps need to be taken in order for the intended parents, and not the surrogate or her husband or partner, if any, to be declared the legal parents of the child.

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